• Kris Pepper

A "Better" Thanksgiving

I recently attended a 50th birthday party for a friend. In thanking all of her guests for coming that evening, she expressed one thought that struck a chord with me. “You all make me better.”

She saw, and appreciated, that all of her friends—in some way, shape, or form—made her “better.”

When thinking about what I would write as my Thanksgiving message, I thought that this is a good one: Be thankful for what makes you better. Sure, this includes friendships, education, learning new skills, physical training, and family relationships. But, it can also include rough roads like the loss of a job, a less than promising prognosis, or just having to navigate life’s complicated journey.

Both positive and challenging situations can make you a better person. They may include the wonderful and fun moments of sharing a friendship, or that confidence you’ve gained when you’ve proven to yourself that you can manage the tough times…and come out on the other side a bit better.

Let’s try to be thankful for ALL of it. Happy Thanksgiving!


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