• Kris Pepper

A Few Mindful Words on Social Media

After enjoying many wonderful Passover, Easter, and quarantine posts that were moral-boosting and funny, I wanted to share with you that I am consciously being selective in reading my social media these days. In the same way that many of us decide to limit watching the news, I am being mindful of what types of information I spend my time reading on Facebook and Insta.

This unprecedented environment has led to some outrageous entries in my social media feed. I’m sure frustration, anxiety, and loneliness play a part in it.

But, let me be honest here:

If a “post-er” tells me he has all the answers, I tune out.

If a post-er rants on a topic of politics, economics, religion, international affairs, or medicine and does not have legitimate experience and/or education in that field…I’m out.

This is a new and unexplored time in history--no one has all of the answers. Don’t pretend that you do, or you will lose your audience. Rather, shouldn’t social media be a place to share thoughts and ideas in a positive way?

Most of us don’t go on social media to be corrected or criticized by a few who claim that their viewpoint is the right one. I visit social media for collaborative understanding, respectful sharing of thoughts and ideas, (note: I did not say “absolute truths”), reflections of positive journeys, understanding and empathy during difficult times, and suggestions as to how we can proactively make every life better by volunteering or lending a hand.

I wish there was another platform for those who think otherwise. What are your thoughts?


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