• Kris Pepper

Beware of the Bumper Sticker

I recently saw a car with a bumper sticker that asked: “Are You Kind?”

Good question. It made me think about all the sentiments that people exhibit on their cars. Christian fish, political statements, “CoExist,”…you know what I mean.

Great accountability comes along with posting statements like these. Do those people NEVER give anyone the finger? Do they NEVER obnoxiously lean on the horn as the texting driver ahead of them doesn’t notice the green light?

Look, I’ve been known to flip the bird, tailgate, and honk as much as any other citizen of this driver’s paradise known as the State of New Jersey. I’ve exhibited occasional road rage from both a car and a bicycle, and I’m not proud of it. That’s why I will never have one of those stickers on my car.

Be careful of the signs you post. You need to live up to them or risk being perceived as disingenuous. Whether it’s a sticker on your car, or a social media post, remember to be honest, realistic, and authentic.


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