• Kris Pepper

Can We Play Nice in the Sandbox?

Sometimes, that question is left in the dust when meeting with a potential client. The usual concerns include: Are the company needs and requirements a good fit for my capabilities? Do they have the budget to pay me? Will the job be rewarding? Lead to referrals? Solid points, for sure.

As an entrepreneur, I like to dig a little deeper than that. Can I be honest with this client when I feel they are not making the best choices? Is there an authenticity between us that can lead to productive conversations beyond general business discussions? Do our skills and knowledge complement each other’s?

It is important to listen to each other and work as a team. Just like kids at play in the sand, one person may be the “excavator” and one the “builder.” We both have our own roles, but I also expect to learn FROM you about your business. There is value for me

in understanding your experiences.

Here's my favorite--do we both believe in the boundless potential of your business and its amazing possibilities for your success? I feel this way about every one of my clients and the people who are working alongside you should as well.

In the world of self-service, online shopping, and Skype calls, positive relationships are critical to success. Think about this the next time you are shopping for an accountant, attorney, marketing consultant, contractor, or auto mechanic. Work with people who will play well in your sandbox!

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