• Kris Pepper

"Don't Let This Moment Define You"

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

I jot inspirational ideas in my phone and sometimes I forget to note the source of the quote. I was checking my “blog ideas” today, I saw this: “Don’t let this moment define you.” That’s a good one.

If you’re having a bad day or just an ugly mood moment, do what the professional athletes do. They are trained to walk away from a bad play with a total mind reset. Bad play. Reset. Regroup. Next Play.

Don’t dwell on the flubbed presentation, the technical fail, the lost account, or the typo that just got emailed out to 1500 recipients. Easy advice to give. Harder to apply. I get it.

When you think about not letting that moment “define” you, it’s kind of like a free pass. It doesn’t define me, so I will get it right next time.

Sorry I can’t credit who or where I picked up that quote. But I won’t let it define me!


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