• Kris Pepper

Good Company, Unexpected Joy

Visiting my daughter this weekend, I got to spend some quality time with her roommate’s cat…which thinks he’s a dog. I am allergic to cats, but I love animals. Needless to say, I had itchy, red eyes all weekend.

Randall is the most affectionate feline I’ve seen, and he couldn’t get enough of me! Or my walking upon my laptop keyboard and (not surprisingly) swatting at my computer mouse.

All that being said, he:

1. Made me laugh

2. Raised the cat species up a notch in my book (I was never a big fan)

3. Caused me to wash my hands…a lot (no coronavirus here)

4. Gave me “paws” (sorry) as I observed his unique movements and personality

5. Was good company in the early morning hours as I got some work accomplished

How can things you usually avoid bring positive aspects to your life?

When you come up with some ideas for taxes, let me know 😉


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