• Kris Pepper

June is the New January

If you follow my personal Facebook feed, you would know that I recently experienced an amazing trip to Italy. The intent of the trip was to join with my cycling club and bike in northern Italy. But the outcome encompassed much more: staying in a rural area of Italy for 9 days, experiencing the hospitality of a family-owned inn, being immersed in a new culture while staying in an area where most people do not speak English. Incredible scenery, sight-seeing trips, history, architecture, and new friendships gave me a fresh perspective on humanity--and myself as well.

Returning home with a renewed state of mind is energizing. My first day back at work was like New Year's Day. A clean slate and a new start.

Change is good, but there’s nothing wrong with consistency. Keep up a professional image while remembering to keep it real. Stop and take a breath. It will all get done, one task at a time. Change the things that you can (and want to) and forget about what you can’t do anything about. And if you are in-between, embrace where you are right now at this moment.

Here’s hoping your next vacation will restore your ability to step back and take a deep breath. Happy New Year!




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