• Kris Pepper

Make a Difference When You Choose a Business

Deli or pizza? Maybe a salad. What are you buying for lunch today? Are you undecided? Are you good with anything? Maybe you should make a point to patronize the local guy who needs the business.

I have been practicing this when I need to stop somewhere for lunch, or to pick up a quick item. Should I go to the big box store or the local shop? (Those of you who know me know I have an aversion to big box). Although we tend to buy a lot online—myself included—isn’t important to visit your local stores as well? Would you miss them if they went away? Don’t they support your favorite non-profits and your community? Isn’t it nice to walk in and have someone know your name?

Sure, if you need Amazon for something, go for it. But if you have the time, want the customer service, the friendly interaction, and want to make a difference in the lives of your local business owners, think about which may need a little boost, and go visit them! We want them to stick around!


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