• Kris Pepper

Make Your Memory "Stick"

How many times have you forgotten to return an email, make a phone call, or lost track of a Zoom meeting link? Is it in my work email? My personal email? A text?? Hmmm.

We've all done it. Our digital-age computer conveniences are essential, and they make our lives easier. But, let’s face it. Nothing works like a sticky note or a highlighter to remind us of the really important stuff. Am I right? Amen!

Reminders through association, or cue-based reminders, use the tools of placing reminders within the proximity of the tasks you need to perform. Although primitive, it works like a charm. Digital reminders can be fleeting and lost in our daily bombardment of emails, social media posts, and spreadsheets.

Simplification is key as our lives get increasingly complex. Hey, that’s good. Put it on a sticky note.


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