• Kris Pepper

Personal Space

I was recently in Manhattan for business on a rainy day. One of my friends made the comment to me that she does not miss commuting to Manhattan in the rain. But there’s a silver lining in that cloud…I had an umbrella.

Now, I am not a fan of umbrellas in general. I prefer hats, hoods, or just hurrying from awning to overhang. But, an umbrella in the crowded city provides some beautiful personal space! I had a good-sized one that carried a bit of an intimidation factor. People stepped aside and I had a nice buffer on Broadway! I have to admit. I liked it.

We all need physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual space at times. Take what you need. It’s good for you. I believe, like my Broadway Buffer, it gives you a fresh outlook when things can sometimes look a little dismal.




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