• Kris Pepper

Please and Thank You

I recently came across an article which read that Chick-Fil-A has been rated one of the most polite chain restaurants in the country, playing a key role in setting them apart from other restaurants across the country.

Chick Fil-A intentionally places a high priority on training their associates on customer service, and it pays off on the revenue side. A little please and thank you combined with a smile and eye contact makes a huge difference in the customer experience.

I was just in the grocery store and had a wonderful teen clerk made small talk while I checked out. A friend of mine was in the same store AT THE SAME TIME and complained, ON FACEBOOK that the clerk barely acknowledged him. Goes to show you, right?!

When my kids were job hunting and had a few butterflies prior to interviews, I used to tell them: Smile, be polite, show up on time. That and being able to spell your own name and write a sentence will get you places. What are your thoughts?




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