• Kris Pepper

Spend Time with Your Newbie

How do you explain a “down” to someone who has never seen a football game? What about giving directions to a new bike rider about how to change gears when he or she is not on the bike? Or try verbalizing how to shift a 5-speed sportscar to a novice driver over dinner at your kitchen table.

Explanations or written directions work well for step-by-step processes that don’t require a lot of concurrent actions. But when you think about the nuances that a beginner has to learn like “second and 7,” “big chain ring/small chain ring” and “timing the clutch” well, it’s not as easy to learn as you think.

Working side-by-side to teach a new skill in a hands-on environment helps to enlighten the learner much more effectively. Watch the game, ride the bike, drive the car--together.

Are you thinking about hiring new staff or perhaps an intern this year? Make sure you have the time to invest to work alongside them to show them how you want things done. Don’t wait until you are swamped to take on a newbie. Plan your teaching moments with play-by-play experiences. You’ll gain a competent employee and avoid losing your patience!


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