• Kris Pepper

Starting a Business...The Upside!

Last week you heard the tough talk of owning a business. Today, consider the upside.

1. Leaving an old job that has become too comfortable and that no longer offers opportunities in growth or creativity.

2. Turning a new page, the excitement of starting from scratch and of making all of your own decisions (for better or for worse!).

3. Figuring out a strategic plan, a business direction, and a method and process for finding business prospects, creating a relationship with clients, and serving their needs in a way that benefits both of you.

4. Working with people I like, and who like me. So fun!

5. Realizing that my knowledge, experience, and expertise have value. And clients are willing to pay for what I can do to help move their business ahead in the game.

6. Flexing my time. I may work all weekend, but hang out a few hours with a friend on a Tuesday? Work on vacation? Sure! I can take as much vacation as I want doing that!

7. Having complete comfort, confidence and satisfaction in a business decision I have made. By myself. Without worrying about questions or repercussions from the powers that be!

8. Being recommended to new clients by my current clients.

9. Being a conduit of connection to other business owners. I love introducing two individuals who are like-minded or may be able to commiserate or work together in some way.

10. The amazing friends I have made through networking and the support system and connections we share with each other. (Thanks, Joan! 😉)

“Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.”




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