• Kris Pepper

Stay Above the Fray #4 - Plan Now for Later

Don’t tell me that you’re bored.

If business is a little quiet, take the opportunity to revisit your marketing strategy. Our business models are changing; especially with new virtual, social distancing, or online components.

Develop SEO, blog content, downloads, case studies, and videos. Now is the time to get it all ready and jump on that business shift! Request reviews from your clients on LinkedIn, Google, and Yelp.

Oh, and don’t forget website maintenance--one of those “I’ll get to it” tasks. Add your new testimonials and refresh your content. Update your photos and adjust your messaging if necessary. Ensure that your website is mobile ready—seventy percent of web views come from phones! Refresh your LinkedIn profile and make an appointment with your photographer to update your headshot.

See? Now you have plenty to do!


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