• Kris Pepper

The ETA for New Ride Services Is Sooner Than You Think!

Ridesharing services have been undergoing new regulations in large cities to regulate traffic volume and cut down on gridlock. To sidestep these restraints, companies like Uber are developing new options to help consumers manage cross-transit transportation.

Beta testing is going on now in cities across the world for apps which will help the user manage hailed-transportation, buses, trains, and city bikes.

There is also new exploration on the front of pet transportation, event ticket sales, grocery and pharmaceutical delivery--even at home styling services!

The message here is a great reminder to think creatively about perceived roadblocks.

If those services remained in their “niche,” they would be forcefully constricted to new traffic codes and commuter taxes.

But when companies consider how they can work around the challenge, expand their services, and communicate benefits, you may soon have an Uber that delivers your groceries and does your hair before bringing you to the concert.

I’m in!


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