• Kris Pepper

The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Videos

Videos don’t have to be Oscar-worthy to garner attention on your social media feed. Users scrolling through new posts often succumb to the movement, action, and sound of a video and will pause to watch.

With a little strategic planning and audience awareness, you can create a compelling piece that communicates brilliantly!

1. Keep the phone vertical as you video to optimize FB algorithms for viewing and avoid black “bars” on either side of your subject.

2. Don’t zoom in and out from your subject. Keep it simple. Quick movements and zooming are distracting and cause viewers to disengage.

3. KISS! I won’t call you “Stupid,” but: Keep it SHORT and SIMPLE. 99% of viewers will not watch longer than 2 minutes on Facebook (keep them even shorter for Twitter and Insta feeds).

4. Plan what you will say. Don’t script it, but know your opening, message and clinch the ending efficiently and effectively.

5. Pay attention to the technical aspects. Practice your camera angle, and make sure the video is well lit or viewers will give you the “lights out.”

6. Please stop the shout-outs if you are on a live feed. Your watchers don’t care if Suzie or Joel just hopped on to watch. Nor do they need your kids to stop in and say “hi” or to know that the dog is running by. Stay on point.

7. If you are truly comfortable and (have been told frequently) that you are entertaining on video, milk it for all it’s worth! Some people have a gift and it comes naturally—so do it!

8. Think creatively—especially if you hate video, feel awkward, or get crickets for feedback. There are innovative ways to get your message across without focusing on yourself. For example, if you are vacationing at the Grand Canyon, take 15 seconds of beautiful footage and speak on the fact that it took millions of years to create the Canyon, but your print shop offers 24-hour turnarounds!

9. Don’t overthink video’s effectiveness. When you look at your analytics, they may report 549 views. But each time someone stops on your video, even for a second, it is considered a view. Be pragmatic in your analysis of video effectiveness.

10. Have fun with it. Post your bloopers. Be able to laugh at yourself and let your brand’s message do the talking!

Remember, solid messages and creative deliveries of content are the stars of the show!


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