5 Ways to Think "Outside the Bucket" After Your Next Presentation

5 Ways to Think

It’s time for you to present your business to your networking group, and you’ve invested several hours thinking about how you want to communicate to them.

This includes 2-3 hours designing a spot-on PowerPoint presentation, crafting some interesting speaking points, and finding compelling statistics to back up your data.

In 20 minutes, it’s over and your interesting and thought-provoking presentation is now collecting dust on the Cloud.

Nooo! That’s good stuff that you spent hours of work creating. Repurpose it to broaden your reach! Here’s how:

1. Break down the points of your presentation to use as helpful tips in social media posts.

2. Massage some of that information and generate a blog post for your website. Share it on social media and help direct your audience back to your website.

3. Find other networking groups and make a date to present to some new faces.

4. Convert your presentation into a webinar format. Promote your webinar on social media and collect the emails of your new connections that are interested in your knowledge, service, or product.

5. Convert your presentation into pdf form and use it as a free gift for anyone who signs up for your company newsletter. Also, offer to send it to your audience as a thank you for their attention during your talk.

We often categorize ideas, resources, and content into separate buckets rather than make practical use of what has already been created. Think “outside of the bucket,” save time, and recoup your efforts by repurposing all of your hard work!