Conceptual Promotions


Small businesses need innovative and exciting ways to share their story that are impactful, enduring, and cost-effective. Can we help?  Yes, Yes, and Yes. ​Finish Line can fit the pieces together for any type of outreach or promotion, including social media contests, a specialized marketing strategy for a product or service, or even a grand-opening fete.

You may know your business thoroughly, but sometimes it takes a fresh set of eyes and new ideas to switch on the bulb to light a new path between you and your audience. We work together with our clients by posing the questions, doing the research, and opening new doors. Here's how we make it happen:

  1. We get to know our clients and establish their goals and budget
  2. We collaborate with our clients to integrate their current marketing practices with the new or expanded media and efforts
  3. We act as liaisons between our clients and other valued marketing partners to get the job done on-time and within budget with little intervention necessary on the part of our clients.
  4. From concept to copy, from design to digital visibility, Finish Line Marketing does it. Soup to Nuts. Start to "Finish."