Resumes, Profiles, and Bio’s That Get Noticed


Helping you pull ahead of your competition is what Finish Line is all about! We help our clients create and update their resumes. We can make that outdated 1980's resume look current with an improved layout, eye-catching headers, and accent colors.

We will develop persuasive content that highlights your experience and education while setting the tone for a productive dialog with your potential employer. We’ll also make sure to sprinkle in the essential keywords that resound with recruiters.

Updating your social media presence is critical when seeking a new position. Is your profile or "About" page well written and following best practices for your social media platform? We know the elements that your profile needs to gain you more digital attention.

Everyone needs a good bio. They are required for introductions at speaking engagements, social media, networking groups, websites, and business articles. Work with Finish Line Marketing to develop a complete biography that thoughtfully highlights your qualifications with elegance and dignity.