Be Intentional

Be Intentional

I recently interviewed a wellness coach for Northwest Bergen Lifestyle magazine. She shared with me that she advises her clients to be “intentional” in their choices and in their decisions about how they will achieve their goals.

“Intentional” is one of my favorite concepts. It’s somewhat related to mindfulness, but I think it’s more purposeful. It indicates putting thought behind your actions. To me, it means having a meaning to your practice or strategy.

I had a Spin instructor several years ago (I’m talking to you, Dana White) whom I’ve always described as leading an “intentional” workout. There was thoughtfulness and a purpose to her class. It always had a deliberate strategy built into it, whether it was designed to build endurance, strength, cycling power, or cardio fitness.

Are you intentional in your content marketing? Think about what you’re putting out there. What is its intent or meaning? What do you hope to accomplish with that message, and how will it help your business be successful? Do you have a well-thought-out plan or are you just putting it out there?

Mindfulness can only get you so far, but being intentional? Now, that’s a plan!