Be a Verb in 2022

Be a Verb in 2022

If nothing else, the past two years forced most of us to reimagine ourselves. We’ve had to pivot (I know, we hate that word), redirect, change our focus, and accommodate major and minor inconveniences.

Some of us had major life changes during the past two years, some of us came out of it relatively unscathed. However we were all affected, and we had to take certain actions to manage our situations. This led me to think about the topic of nouns and verbs.

Our self-identification as nouns: designer, doctor, actor, accountant, or writer may have changed during the season of the pandemic. Some of us switched professions, changed the trajectory of our businesses, or went back to school. Others may have pursued a passion and made it a career. Using a noun to describe yourself is short-sighted. You’re more than a simple title.

Defining yourself as a verb is much more accurate. After all, you’re not a thing—you are a person who does things. I write, you design, a nurse cares, a police officer protects. The ways we define ourselves should go far beyond our titles in life. A friend of mine who was a driving instructor would never introduce himself as such. He would say that he teaches kids to drive. More accurate, more dynamic, and more interesting, in my book.

As the past two years have demonstrated, we can surprise people with what we do next. Actions count! Commit to being a verb in 2022.