Better, Better and Good to Go

Better, Better and Good to Go

There are two kinds of people in the world.

Some want “better, better, better.” They are always on the hunt for the newest products, the best gym for the buck, the scientific diet claiming quicker weight loss, the most efficient travel app, or the hottest meditation technique. These people help encourage innovation, discovery, and new business.

Then, there’s the “I’m good to go” crowd. They patronize the same restaurants, stick with consistent brands, and shop in the same stores. They may be skeptical of new technologies, treatments, and trendy cuisines, but they are die-hard loyalists to what

has proven successful over the years. They support local businesses and place a high value on membership-driven organizations.

Some folks embrace change, some embrace consistency, and there’s nothing wrong with either one. Recognize which way your customers lean—you probably have some of both. Consider how you can creatively customize your marketing or advertising approach to fit their individual mind-sets.