Caught Up in the Algorithm

Caught Up in the Algorithm

We tend to get caught up with focusing our marketing efforts to appease the algorithm on our digital platforms. We analyze things like the best day or time to post and which ones get more “hits.”

That’s good stuff, but you can’t outrun or outplay the algorithm. Once you think you have it figured out, it will change. Again.

Although it’s important to have a consistent social media campaign and to have a grasp of your analytics, take stock of what’s compelling to your clients and your wider audience. Don’t be afraid to pop an additional message or send an email with a good thought or valuable business advice. Just put it out there.

Regardless of what we “should” do on social media, sometimes we need to go with our gut and deliver messages that resonate with certain individuals without worrying about the “when and where” of the algorithm.

After all, what’s more important? Receiving 100 likes or having that one potential client reach out because your message was meaningful and relevant at the moment?

Get to the Finish Line.