Cringeworthy Marketing

Cringeworthy Marketing

Remember that phone charger, coffee maker, or solar light you ordered online a few months ago? The one made of cheap plastic? The plug broke the second time you used it. You knew you were taking the cheap way out when you bought it...but really?! Two uses and it’s in the trash.

Experiences with inferior quality are frustrating to say the least. When a manufacturer uses substandard materials, hires the cheapest labor, and figures out how to penny-pinch his way to market, the resulting product is never impressive. How many times have we said, “oh well, you get what you pay for!”

Marketing short cuts can have the same result. Business owners will hire a high school student to do their social media or a non-English-speaking blogger from overseas for cheap. They resist investing in a professional headshot, and postpone a website refresh that’s long overdue. This saves money in your short game. But what about your long game efforts?

Professionals earn their value though experience and know-how. They have the cutting-edge strategies that will positively contribute to your sales, image, and long-term branding.

Sometimes opening your wallet for a marketing investment is cringeworthy. However, spending a few bucks on a robust marketing strategy and the resulting confidence that your products and services are well positioned in the marketplace will deliver an ROI that’s invaluable.