Don't Get Stuck in Your Elevator Speech

Don't Get Stuck in Your Elevator Speech

In this world of networking groups, corporate meetings, and sales pitches the phrase “elevator speech” has become commonplace. Twenty years ago, if you asked someone for their elevator speech, they may have said, “What?? 5th floor??” with total confusion.

Now we all know that an elevator speech is your brief, concise statement of who you are, your business, how you help your clients, and what makes you different.

Google it and you will find pages and pages of content and videos from business executives to Toastmasters to self-proclaimed experts on the best way to present one.

I believe in keeping it short, memorable, and impactful. Don’t bog down your listeners with long explanations and unnecessary details. A touch of originality will go much farther than a long monologue.

Leave them wanting more. It just may get you an invitation from that elevator right into your potential client’s corner office!

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