It Pays to Increase Your COVID Word Power

It Pays to Increase Your COVID Word Power

I’ve had a love of words since I was a kid. I would borrow dad’s Reader’s Digest for the “It Pays to Increase Your Word Power” articles. Nerdy. Ok, I know.

As a self-proclaimed logophile (look it up) it’s fun and satisfying to be able to communicate with just the right words. Thanks to COVID, there are some interesting new words and phrases that have entered our vocabulary, thanks to Zoom.

You’re Muted - When, in our lives, had we ever put those two words together before COVID?

Screen Share – This is a much different method than scootching over so your colleague can view your monitor.

Zoombombing – Unauthorized people barging in on your meeting? How rude!

What if someone Zoombombs your Virtual Happy Hour? Do you clink glasses to "cheers" with a quarantini?

Zoom Fatigue – perhaps Pfizer will develop a vaccine for this one

Remote Learning – when I was in grade school, this would have been applied to the naughty kid who was exiled to a chair in the back of the classroom so as not to distract the others.

It’s the little things in life that keep us logophiles entertained and well-spoken.