"Jest" Try Something NEW Today!


Did you know that most hand-raised parrots do not fly, even though their wings aren’t clipped? No fooling!

Perhaps they become complacent—they are pets which are fed and cared for, so why bother? Or, maybe their little bird brains don’t even realize that it is possible; and they never consider the potential of exploring their instinctual ability to soar.

Avoid thinking the same way. Don’t get too comfortable on the ground. Push the doubts aside and try something new, even if you think you may not be good at it. Take

that new workout class, or a project that's a little out of your comfort zone. Expand your professional knowledge with a class or by offering a new service.

Today is April 1. Stretch your boundaries, put yourself out there and try something new. It’s the perfect day to do it, because if you mess up, you can just claim, “April Fools” and get back at it again tomorrow. Go for it!