Keep Rolling and Watch the Blacktop

Keep Rolling and Watch the Blacktop

I was cycling with a few friends this weekend. They are great riders, and truth be told, I’m a little out of shape. We did our usual route and then began our approach to a notorious hill that comes up in the final few miles of the ride. As my companions gamely climbed it, I resorted to playing a few mind games in order to lessen the pain.

These situations give you an opportunity to look within yourself. I realized that it does not motivate me to watch other riders power their way up the hill. Nor does it motivate me to keep my eyes set on the “prize,” which is the blinking traffic light at its crest. As I was grinding up the hill, its peak looked unreachable and too distant.

What kept me rolling was watching the pavement slip by below my wheels. Each pedal rotation was an accomplishment of its own.

Someone once said that God doesn’t light up your whole path, only one step at a time. That’s a similar analogy--one pedal stroke at a time. It’s also how we need to think about our businesses during COVID.

It’s hard to focus on the blinking light at the top because we are dealing with the unknown, and that makes goals and planning quite impossible. We can’t consume ourselves with what our colleagues—or our competitors--are doing because we all have different circumstances, challenges, and budgets.

What we CAN do is keep ourselves upright on our own two-wheelers. Continue pedaling, maintain your balance, and relish each foot of progress until we all get up this bitch of a hill! I made it to the top. I think we all will.