Lil' Critter and the Fallout of Freelancing

Lil' Critter and the Fallout of Freelancing

Technology has caused me to name my vacuum.

I work from home. I'm online, on-screen, or on-phone all day long, and since I am a freelancer, there are days when I don't really see another person for 6 to 8 hours. The only "person" I have to interact with is Riley (my dog).

Could this be why my car has a name? (Silver Bullet). Or my robot vacuum? (Lil' Critter).

I don't talk to my car all that much because I am usually busy muttering under my breath at other drivers. But Lil' Critter is engaging. He rolls around on my floors cleaning up after Riley. I talk to Critter when he gets stuck under furniture, his bin needs emptying, or when his charge runs low. He never answers, but I feel like he needs a friend...he works hard.

Is technology, and its resulting culture of remote employment, emails, and Skype creating an isolationist environment that makes us start talking to home appliances? Or is it just me?

Don't get me wrong, I love the freedom of freelancing. It just needs to be complemented by networking events, meeting colleagues or clients for lunch, or catching up with friends for a drink after work. These things feed and inspire my social side to offset my quiet working days at home.

This is what I ponder while putting Critter back on his charger...what do you think?