Look Good as a Leader

Look Good as a Leader

"Leaders are judged, ultimately, by the quality of the leadership reflected in their subordinates."  --General Charles C. Krulak, Retired Four-Star General, United States Marine Corps

The success of your business or brand is evident in the actions of your employees. Krulak’s “boots on the ground” philosophy indicates that the forward-facing, front-liners in your business are the key people who can make it or break it.

Krulak's military strategy emphasized a strategy of empowering lower-level leaders to take independent action and to make decisions.

Think about the split-second world we live in today. Is there enough time for big decisions to be made at the top of the food chain and be passed down to your staff who has facetime with the public? Probably not.

The answer is to hire people with good judgment and experience. Offer them opportunities to succeed, and support them if they fail. Mentoring, empowerment, and accountability will all fall in line. Cultivate leadership potential in your entry-level employees. It will make YOU look good!