Make An Intangible Impact in 2020

Make An Intangible Impact in 2020

New Year’s goals and resolutions have been the hot topic this week. This led me to consider, what do I really need in 2020? I have enough work. I have enough money. I have enough time for family, friends, and fun. Sure, I would like more of all of the above, but I have enough to get by.

However, there are some things that I definitely want to experience more abundantly: Success, Satisfaction, Inspiration, Faith, Joy, Learning Opportunities.

Notice, the “want” list is not very tangible.

You can’t literally pay your mortgage with “success,” or necessarily make money because you are “inspired, or focused.” My business will not grow just because I am “joyful.”

But these things season your journey far more than new cars, bigger homes, and expensive vacations.

Let's make a real impact on our lives with the "intangible" stuff in 2020. Happy New Year!