Quick Tips for Small Biz Social Media

Quick Tips for Small Biz Social Media

It’s Give and Get

Social media is a two-way street. Many of my clients don't feel comfortable on these platforms--but the best way to get started is to "like" and "comment" on other posts. If you have friends or business contacts posting, don’t just be a silent stalker, like, comment, or share their posts and they will most likely return the favor when they see one of your posts.

Come Up with Something New

When creating Facebook content, avoid those cheesy phrases like: “Share This Post,” and “Tag Your Friends.” Facebook’s new algorithms focus on genuine, authentic content in the wake of past issues of hacking.

Original content will win out over reposting pre-published content and articles, so be sure to put your own spin on your posts and make them personal to you. This is where a creative copywriter can help you stand out above the crowd!

Interesting videos and conversational content that garners comments and interactions will win out as well.

We Still Love Facebook!

Keep posts between 40 & 80 characters. If you must go longer, try not to exceed 120 characters. Ask a question to encourage discussion and comments among your followers. Mini-contests, like trivia or music are always fun and create interaction.

Add a fun, original picture (see Peppy above) that gets your readers to stop scrolling and check out your post!

Hashtags on FB are clever, but they don’t affect engagement or metrics for FB. Use them for fun and for visual emphasis only.

Next week, we will offer some great new video tips for all of you do-it-yourselfers!