Stay Above the Fray

Stay Above the Fray

When I looked up the word “fray” in the dictionary, two definitions came up: As a noun, fray means a usually disorderly prolonged struggle or dispute. As a verb, it indicates to wear the edge of cloth by rubbing or to separate the threads at the edge of; to show signs of strain.

We are frayed these days. Our lives fit both of the above definitions. This has been a prolonged struggle and we are worn thin.

Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing vital and practical tips that were included in a webinar that I recently presented with a marketing colleague of mine, Lynn Gregorski of Rapunzel Creative.

Stay Above the Fray #1 – Stay Visible and Don’t Hang Back

Here’s another definition for you. "Hang Back" - to remain in place while all others have left. Don’t be the last one left standing when everyone else has moved on. Even if you don’t have the money or budget to do a lot, you can do things that are low cost or no cost. It’s important to stay visible and keep communicating.

Perception is everything. When you drop off the radar and become invisible, your audience wonders, did they go belly-up? Did they close their doors? Be consistent in your messages. Present yourself as a survivor. The last thing you want someone to say to you 3-4 months from now is, “where have you been?”

Here's the full webinar recording: