Stay Above the Fray #6 - Connect and Give Back

Stay Above the Fray #6 - Connect and Give Back

Increase your visibility by getting involved with a local community center, non-profit organization or house of worship. Offer to volunteer, serve on a board, or help with a special event. Provide your services as an “in kind” donation or for a preferred rate; OR volunteer to do something totally out of your sphere.

For example, I volunteer at Oasis, a Haven for Women and Children in Paterson, New Jersey, but not in the marketing category. I help tutor kids with their homework on Saturday mornings.

Am I a teacher? No.

Can I help with math above a 4th grade level? You probably wouldn’t want me to...

but it’s fun, rewarding, and refreshing to do something completely different.

The opportunity to get involved with organizations is a valuable one. You’ll create bonds with the staff and other volunteers, widening your net of connections. Giving back a little will come back in droves.