The Struggle with Sales

The Struggle with Sales

Sales is a tough business. We get excited about a new sales position which includes a lot of flexibility, perks, and nice commissions. We start out with high expectations and positivity. This will be a piece of cake! We initially generate interest and promising leads...

Then, we realize how hard it is.

We can blame the economy, blame the bureaucracy of large corporations, or blame the short-sightedness of the person you are selling to. Blame the sales materials your company provided, blame the sales process. Blame the sales funnel, the profit margin, or your own marketing tactics.

In the end, it goes back to you and your product. If you don’t 100% believe in it, don’t sell it.

If you do believe in it, keep developing those positive relationships, offer resources and help to your potential audience (that may not have anything to do with your product), reach out in kind and creative ways, and wait.

Sales is a tough business. Believing in your product makes the difference.