The Toughest Part of Being in Business

The Toughest Part of Being in Business

Some days are tougher than others when you are your own boss. There are times when it’s like you hit the jackpot—the wins just keep coming. You get the signed contract, a new referral, are able to upgrade your computer to a faster, slicker model. You’ve arrived!

Then, there are the days when you have to put fires out, deal with a staffing issue, determine why your printer isn’t working, or grapple with a Quickbooks® problem.

If you’ve started your business after working in the corporate world, there are days when you wish you could just “call the guy” to fix the copier. Working in a big office allows you the convenience of the IT expert to fix your printer, and an accountant to assist with expense reporting or balance sheet questions. HR issues are generally someone else’s problem (unless you worked in HR).

The toughest part of being an entrepreneur is dealing with the stuff that’s not in your lane. The next toughest part is understanding when to farm out those aspects of your business, suck it up, pay the piper, and have the job done properly. I’m not a numbers person, so I hand off all of those duties to the person who knows how to do it. I’ll gladly pay a smart accountant for their wisdom and advice. I also invest in professional IT services to manage my computer security. It has to be done…and I don’t want to do it!

What areas of your business require some additional support? If you need someone to provide you with content for your website, newsletter copy, social media posts, or relevant articles for your business, give me a call. Don’t call me for tax returns.