This Is What I'm Referring To...

This Is What I'm Referring To...

Do you refer business to your friends and colleagues? What is the value of a referral? It may be the most rewarding form of new business. It is genuine. Intentional.

One of the highest forms of validation you can receive.

I only refer people and businesses I genuinely know and trust. I don’t refer internet strangers, or people with whom I am only distantly connected. I believe a referral is significant because it is an extension of your own faith in the integrity and ability of the individual or business you recommend.

If you really believe in someone who has provided you a service, a product, or just someone that you have known through the years that you have deep faith in...PLEASE refer them new business. Let’s all work in and through each other to provide outstanding value.

It’s a give and take proposition—Wait. Actually, no.

It’s a give and be given. You don’t have to take.