Top Ten Challenges of Starting a Business

Top Ten Challenges of Starting a Business

Looking back on my first two years in business, I realize that some things have come so easily...and some things, not. People have asked me about the most challenging things involved in starting a business. Here’s my list.

1. Leaving an old job that was secure and comfortable. Kind of like old, ratty slippers. Comfortable, but not my best look.

2. Stepping away from my familiar routine, and from beloved colleagues and friends.

3. Creating a new logo, business description and website. Setting up an e-blast platform, bank accounts, and social media. Ordering checks, business cards, and office supplies. A lot of expenditures not directly related to income!

4. Figuring out who I am, what my services are, what my messaging should be, and how my company is different from any other marketing agency.

5. Choosing what jobs and clients are right for me, and which ones are not a good fit for my business model.

6. Being strong enough and confident enough to make tough decisions and stick by them.

7. Creating proposals and realistically putting a value on the services I provide is a challenge for me, as well as many of the entrepreneurs I have spoken with over the past few years.

8. Realizing that my success--or my failure--is all up to me. It is completely my responsibility. This is profoundly different than showing up to a job every day as a cog in the wheel.

9. Working with the State of New Jersey to become qualified as a Woman-Owned-Small-Business...don’t even ask!

10. Quickbooks. And Taxes.