What Makes You Tick?

What Makes You Tick?

I was brought up in a stoic Dutch household with a high regard for privacy. You didn't offer up too much information...or ask for it. We were told it was rude to ask too many questions, or to bring up sensitive subjects.

However, as I’ve progressed through my writing career, I’ve come to know that asking questions it is a part of the job--and my subjects understand why I do it. Asking questions makes my writing better.

“Who is your perfect customer?” “What was it like to live in China?” “How did you get started in your profession?” “What did you do in your prior career?” “What groups do you belong to and what activities do you enjoy?” “What marketing strategies work for your business?”

Knowing more about a person or industry helps to connect the dots. It may be information that your friend/subject/colleague would dismiss as unimportant or trivial. The most interesting angles of my editorials have been discovered when I’ve asked questions that may have been a bit off the subject.

Finding out “what makes you tick,” makes a dramatic difference in the story.