What the Heck is On My Car?

What the Heck is On My Car?

That’s a quote from this morning when I walked up to my car door and saw some splatter on it. “(Expletive) it’s from the tail end of a bird!”

I felt much better when I realized that it was not residual output from Tweety; but simply a few little round pink petals from a blooming cherry tree.

We tend to get annoyed when we presume we are getting dumped on, and resume a better attitude when the exact same situation turns out to be a little prettier.

Maybe it’s that flower petals are easier to wash off than #2, but I think part of it is our inherent preoccupation with not getting dive-bombed by a seagull when we're on the beach (so to speak).

That’s something to consider next time a store clerk treats you rudely, or a client unhappily questions your invoice. Do they have that attitude because they are expecting to get dumped on? Start weeding out negativity and see what blooms!